About Olaf

Olaf LindströmMy name is Olaf and I’ve been working as a WordPress developer at Knowit between 2011-2016. Since 2017 I’m working at Angry Creative. Before that I ran my own business 2006-2011 and studied at Jönköping University 2008-2011.

I’ve always had an interest in computers and tech things, I built my first website back in the late 90’s.

My work at Knowit mainly focuses on helping clients with creating and maintaining websites based on WordPress as well as working on our development setup.

Virserums hostel

During 2013 I started Virserums Vandrarhem together with three friends and after a remake and refurbishing we were open for business in May 2014.

Fabor AB

In 2015 I started a landlord/rental business together with a friend. You can check out the properties and available apartments at Fabor’s website..

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